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  Printable Coupon Policy

We are pleased to accept Manufacturers' coupons at all of our Town & Country, Country Mart, Apple Market and Price Chopper Locations. Coupons may come from a variety of sources. Some examples include in-store coupons, direct mail, product packages, print-at-home on the Internet, magazines or newspapers.


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Coupon Requirements Including Internet Coupons

1. Coupons must be original and legible. They may be printed in either black and white or color. No photocopies allowed.

2. Coupons must include a bar code that is scannable at the register unless coupon comes directly from our weekly ad.

3. Coupons must have a legible expiration date.

4. Coupons must match the identical product listed on the coupon.

5. Coupons must clearly state Manufacturers’ Coupon or Redeemable at Town & Country, Country Mart, Apple Market or Price Chopper locations.

6. One coupon may be used per item.

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Unacceptable Coupons

1. Manufacturers’ Coupons that do not scan will be invalid.

2. Any coupon that has a expired date.

3. Coupons for products not sold at Town & Country,
Country Mart, Apple Market or Price Chopper locations.

4. FREE item coupon printed from the internet unless a purchase is required.

*** A Buy One Get One FREE is acceptable.

5. Coupons will only be doubled if the price of item equals two times the face value of the coupon. Example: Item is purchased for $0.89 and a $0.50 Manufacturers’ Coupon is presented. Coupon WILL NOT be doubled.

6. Coupons from other retailers or coupons that may be used only at other retailers.

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